Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Progress through Appointments

Today I made some doctors appointments that I feel could provide some good insight into a lot of my issues. I will be seeing a sleep specialist at the beginning of June, who is also a neurologist, due to my sleep schedule being weird. Last night I slept from 12AM -6AM, and then 10AM-12PM, which is odd. My frequent awakenings in the night and trouble falling asleep are some issues I would like to discuss with her. Getting a good night's rest is important even if you aren't in chronic pain, so hopefully this doctor will be able to give me some answers and make my sleep feel more restful.

I am also going back to see the neurologist I saw last summer, whom I really like. He bases all of his treatment plans and advice off of neurological studies, and what the science tells us. He doesn't let his own preconceived notions about a more abstract treatment, such as acupuncture, prevent him from recommending that treatment to a patient. As an aspiring engineer studying math and science, I appreciate this. I also find it important not to dismiss more holistic methods due to my adverse reactions to some medications, which I may discuss in a later blog post. 

My head is getting more painful now and I feel I may be developing a migraine. Off to get a snack and rest! At least I have a little more hope heading into the next few weeks knowing that I have these appointments on the books.

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